Little Deaths

Like a great lumbering beast- continuing to charge forward after its already dead- the 1st book in a series (which I could honestly continue to write for as long as I draw breath) comes to an end.

At 6 Parts, 119,889 words, this puppy was written in- you know I don’t honestly remember when I first started writing it. It FEELS like a year, but it wasn’t. I didn’t break ground on this manuscript until late spring, early summer of ’08- I think.

Oof. It’s been hard going. And it isn’t done- there is still a possible postscript that might be necessary to lead into Book 2 and… editing, of course…

But the nice thing is, unlike with DOGS which was written so helter-skelter herky-jerky, this one flowed out. It took it’s own time, meandered into some side stories- and I think it works pretty well.

I can’t believe it!

Hopefully I can avoid the post-partum depression this time around, I’ll be pushing Annika to hurry up and read it so she can give me notes (requests for same from others will follow close at hand)… and maybe I need to start working on book 2. Or maybe I need to start figuring out how to write a query letter or maybe…

Maybe I need to pick up a bottle of tequila on the way home and have a nice stiff drink tonight and relax.

I can’t believe it!