All the Stories are all true: God is an Astronaut, Oz is over the Rainbow… and Midian is where the monsters are

A few weeks ago, when I was elbow deep in the Trailers of Terror yearly orgy on this here blog (thanks for playing!) I got a comment from someone who claimed to be a long-lost alumnus of my high school.

Apparently, some fifteen (or more) years ago I told this person how incredibly awesome Clive Barker’s Nightbreed was. And they wanted to tell me how they had finally seen it, and it sucked, and I was wrong, and Barker and Romero both needed to stop making movies lulz.


It is kind of funny.

My wife has this theory that people have trouble accepting that in life we all move on.

Who I was at 23 (or 13, or 18, or 8 years old) is so vastly different from who I am at 35 that it pisses her off when folks from way back contact me (it is usually on a “Wall” at that awful facebook place) to be all “LOL remembar when U were all like _____”.

Her opinion is that we all change; everyone needs to get on board and accept it, and learn people all over again. Reconnect, as it were. I think we used to do that- reaching out to an old friend via a proper letter, or a length email- but not anymore. I think now Facebook or Twitter or Yelp or what-have-you acts as this “instant reconnect” device, where everyone can pretend that nothing has changed (except for kids and marriage status) and everyone has remained in stasis…

It is pretty funny though, the ways we are remembered. Here someone obviously really has this strong memory of me flogging the awesomeness of Barker’s adaption of his own novella- I believe that readily. I was a huge fan of NB back in the day- I saw it three times in the theater, for christsake. Of course, I was in eighth grade- I saw a lot of crappy movie multiple times. (Rutger Haur in Split Second for the win, y’all).

I still have a soft spot for Nightbreed, and I will defend it as an admirable effort though the final execution definitely leaves something to be desired.

But someone, seriously, was all: “Man, I remember Will loving this movie and talking it up, and all these years later I need to find him and tell him how wrong he was”.

Well, consider me schooled/learned/debunked. Myth- BUSTED.