Teaser- September 30

And so it comes to pass, as it does each year, that I dust off and resurrect this blog for the Halloween Horror Trailer Countdown, as we flip through 31 (or more!) trailers to horror films. The great, the god-awful, and the indifferently advertised.

In theory I won’t be dwelling on the quality of the movie itself, but trying to look at what makes the trailer work (or not). In some cases, it is really hard to ignore the film and focus on the trailer.

Or… the teaser.

…a different kind of animal indeed!

What does that even mean, teaser trailer?

Glad you asked. The teaser is to tantalize, to excite, to (if you will) tease.

It is a display of the promised finished product (though often not the actual finished product) used to stir up anticipation or excitement for an upcoming release. Sometimes, as noted, even before a frame of footage has been shot!

A classic intro of imagery and a little music, then the sudden ominous arrival of the paw and the title reveal, followed by a rather cheeky admission as to what the director is most famous for… clever! A solid teaser, with good visuals and a little jolt followed by a little joke.

An American Werewolf in London is definitely one of the great wolfman movies. And that is a sweet little teaser… of the month ahead.