Trailers of Terror: Halloween Countdown #22

Look, I never said that I’d just do movies from the 60s and 70s (and 80s).

Even I am not unaware of contemporary horror, both good, bad, and cultural garbage.

Behold, Dance Of The Dead

And that ain’t garbage- oh no.

2008’s Dance Of The Dead is a fun little movie. It isn’t mean-spirited, and you can tell that the writer and director genuinely like the characters- and yeah, some of the jokes are obvious, but some of the set-pieces are really inspired and the movie tries hard, and isn’t just “Shawn of the Dead in high school”- it doesn’t always hit it out of the park, but it surely doesn’t strike out.

I know nothing about football- that was a football metaphor, right?

My Sister In Law will complain about a flick having “Caricatures, not Characters”- and I agree with her. Except with this flick, they aren’t caricatures, they are archetypes: the nice guy, the hot geek girl, the heavily armed redneck recidivist senior (and a handful more) and they are all wonderfully played by some young, “who was that guy?” low budget and indie actors- Randy McDowell and the awesome Justin Welborn are stand-outs in a solid, funny cast.

If you aren’t entirely burned out on zombies, this is a fun movie to catch when you are looking for some light entertainment.

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