Trailers of Terror: Halloween Countdown (#26)

I love Larry Cohen- I really do. In my opinion, Cohen is the undisputed master of social commentary horror. He always played it straight, no matter how absurd, which makes his movies a lot more funny (intentionally, even!) than a lot of “comedies”. He worked fast, hard, and on miniscule budgets- almost always in New York City- and he tended to cast ahead of the popularity curve and used a lot of actors before they went big.

The Stuff. Are you eating it, or is it eating you?

If I were teaching a class on horror film appreciation, there would be an entire section devoted to Cohen’s work- or, if you will, his stuff.

If you don’t know Cohen’s stuff, or are only familiar with his early Blaxsploitation movies (which are definitely worth visiting) or his recent output (which isn’t bad, but isn’t as jaw-droppingly great as his early work), ake sure you check out his God Told Me Too, Q: The Winged Serpent, It’s Alive and Full Moon High (Courtney, don’t see that last one).

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