Trailers of Terror: Halloween Countdown #27

This one- well, maybe you should skip this one. If you have kids.

A young couple- he has a great mustache, she is pregnant- end up on a small island village when they have boat troubles. There are creepy children everywhere… and no parents.

The 70s were a great time for horror films- a lot, and I mean a lot of envelope pushing went on.

I’ve always wondered about this movie and Stephen King’s short story Children of the Corn, because both it and Who Can Kill a Child? appeared in 1977. When I was younger and became aware of this movie, I was all: “Pfft, dirty low-budget Spanish rip-off of the King, man…” and when I was a little older, and all cynical and “cool”, I was all: “Pfft, that poseur King ripped off some badass Spanish flick that MEANT something, man.”

Now, I mostly look back and am just curious. I’m perfectly willing to believe that the similar stories evolved seperately, it happens all the time. I wonder if King saw the movie at some weird second run theater and was all: “GodDAMN! They did it creepier than I did!”

I saw a bootlegged VHS- god knows where it came from- back in the early 90s. It kind of freaked me out- oh, we laughed about the premise, but I think we were more than a little creeped out by it.

Killer Kids are scary- there is no denying that. Part of the fear in this film isn’t in the vicious behavior of the children, it is in the quandry faced by the hero and his pregnant wife: can they fight for their lives against children ranging from 4 to 10 or so? And that is where the title comes from.

The ending – oh, WHAT an ending- is wonderfully twisted, foreboding and eerie as can be.

Netflix has it.

Who Can Kill a Child?

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