Terror Trailers #29: Halloween Countdown

A lot of ghost stories get stuck with descriptives like “very Henry James” or “With a Jamesian twist”. They all refer, of course, to the famous “The Turn of the Screw”. Quite Jamesian, since he wrote it.

I take my Jamesons with a twist, and my Bushmills straight.

Deborah Kerr, Pamela Franklin, Michael Redgrave, Peter Wyngarde, Martin Stephens.

The Innocents

The trailer is a product of it’s time- but don’t let it fool you, it’s a great spooky movie.

Now, the much touted “Adult Horror Experience” they keep flagging in the trailer, that would be found under a different Jamesian title, maybe Return of the Screw

One thought on “Terror Trailers #29: Halloween Countdown

  1. SO I was thinking about your Halloween Countdown today and I have basically decided it is the BEST THING EVER because ALL mid-September to early October I referenced EVERY “HORROR MOVIES TO SEE” list on the internet that I could find and they ALL HAD THE SAME MOVIES ON IT and I was like “AGGH give me something new!” And this list has so much on it that I haven’t seen yet. And that makes me happy. And it makes me happy to think of other horror moving loving people in my predicament, stumbling upon this and getting better recs, dammit. And that is my story. This has been awesome. Can’t wait to see what the last two are!

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