Terror Trailers: Halloween Countdown- #30

Why should a trailer contain dialogue?

Do you need words? No.

You also need a pulse rifle.

Jesus Christ that trailer is terrifying. And the movie itself is like a master class in building suspense.

My mother has this strong memory of my skipping school to go with her on the Million Women March in Washington DC in the early 90s- I marched along-side her, I think I wanted a sign that said “I was a choice” but my mother was worried that the haters wouldn’t get it…

Regardless, I made the entire march nose buried deep in Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of the Alien. You know, the movie about the monster that makes you pregnant when you don’t wanna be? Yeah.

Don’t think I was aware of the social commentary, because I wasn’t; I was just trying to find out what happened to Dallas after the monster grabbed him.

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