Terror Trailers: Happy Halloween!

People love their genre franchises. Jason. Freddy. Chucky. Jigsaw. People love monsters- they love being scared.

I’m not scared of monsters.

People scare me.

First time I ever saw this movie it blew me the fuck away. I’d already seen plenty of horror movies, but I’d never seen anything that captured quite the…

You know, it is hard to say what makes TCM work so well. It isn’t the director- god bless ’em- I mean, Tobe Hooper has made some terribly unscary movies. There is just something about it.

You know what it is? Unity. The idea of a single serial killer/stalker/monster: okay, we’ve seen it. Even swarms of vampires/zombies/ghouls: sure, we get it. But people- humans- who are monsters, congregating together? Preying together? Brrrrrr.

The first sequel (also helmed by Hooper) is less of a traditional sequel and more of a “Fuckit, lets have FUN” movie.

It isn’t nearly as effective as the first- it’s aesthetic is great but anyone under the age of 30 is convinced that Rob Zombie invented it- though the performances are fantastic. There just isn’t as much story- what can you do with a combative family of cannibals? How do you make them last?

Of all the horror franchises, I always wanted this one to just work. I want the studio to let the creative types go nuts and introduce a bunch of new characters that they can play with- more than a few of whom are evil fuckers.

After Tobe Hooper tried to end his own franchise, New Line (the house that Freddy Built) bought the rights and tried to reboot the Texas franchise with a couple of great character actors (Viggo Mortenson, Ken Foree, Joe Unger) and a great feel for the “saw” family- but nothing else.

Some years later, original TCM screenwriter Kim Henkel got his hands on the franchise and tried to- well, I’m still not sure what he tried to do. It had something to do with the illuminati and crop circles. It is kind of fuckin’ gonzo.

Then the franchise abated for a spell. Until Platinum Dunes resurrected it.

It isn’t bad- actually, it is pretty solid for what it is. There, I said it.

Now, you WON’T Hear me say anything nice about the prequel to the remake (cuz it is CRAP).

But there is just something about rural folk that kill folk (and eat ’em) that makes me go: “well, that there is scary”.


3 thoughts on “Terror Trailers: Happy Halloween!

  1. Yeah, Chainsaw isn’t the scariest (or goriest) ever, but there is just something about it. I think it might be the most unnerving, the most disturbing. The scene around the dinner table I’ve never been able to shake, and I’ve only seen it once.

    Final tally, I’ve seen 11 of your 31. Damn, and I’ve actually seen ALOT of horror movies. At least a couple I will definitely search out.

    Stay thirsty, my friend.

  2. People scare me too. But I am almost afraid to admit this–I was really underwhelmed by the original TCM. It didn’t scare me! I watched it and I was just like… I was mad at it! Maybe another case of me overhyping myself. But I actually enjoyed the 2003 remake. It was exactly what you said–good for what it is!

  3. One of the things I love about the TCMs is that they AREN’T that scary- not like jumpy “OH SHIT” scares, but rather more of an insiduous slow-burn creepy… yeah.

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