Happy Halloween!

Most everyone fears death. Probably because it isn’t really avoidable.

So Vampires are(were) Sex=Death (the vampire as STD allegory still works, even-especially in a post-Twilight world).

Werewolves can be Rage/Rape/Wrath=Death (the hidden beast within, werewolves, until Anne Rice came along, were the most guilt-ridden of monsters)

Ghosts are the past haunting us.

The manufactured revenant (see: Frankenstein and his monster) are really more of a Science-Fiction trope that has become associated with horror and falls into the “what Man Was Not Meant To Know” area of horror (see also: Pandora)

The human psycho/killer- whether solo or part of a crazed clan- tends to be the horror of random violence. You picked the wrong night/street/lake/bbq stand to be in on the wrong day.

The Zombie has certainly become, since 1968, one of the most powerful and lasting monsters in the cinematic pantheon of horror. George Romero created something new and infectious- it is hard to imagine a cinemascape without the legacy of the shambling, reaching, undead legions…

And of course that is the thing of post ’68 Zombies- they are us, they are death, they are all we have to look forward to. We can slow the tide, but we can’t beat them truly. The best the survivors can hope to do is prolong their time.

And Romero’s certainly got that right. A movie that has little jump scares, some pretty impressive grue (even still, and even though the blue-tinted zombies are kind of funny now) but most of all it builds that utter dread of the inevitability of death.

It is a great, great horror film. And this is its pretty great trailer.

I LOVE how much of the trailer is the usage of the talking heads- the opening 20 minutes of the movie astounded me as a teenager (where is all the cool stuff, why do we have all this TV station bullshit?) but I was a dumb kid and didn’t appreciate the feeling that EVERYTHING was going askew and the world was stumbling to a breakdown- I think the trailer sells that part very well.

And yeah, sure, the social commentary (consumerism!) is kind of heavy handed. But ferchristsake- its a fucking movie where UNDEAD HORDES will EAT YO FACE.

And that trailer, honestly, excites me to watch it again. Good thing I have the Special Edition dvd at home.

Happy Halloween, fiends, I’m glad you joined me for this walk through the trailer park.

Next year, maybe, we’ll do it again…

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