Christmas Comes (but once a year)

Now abouts this time of year, some folks start to bitching.

“I hate christmas music”

“I’m just so sick of this fucking christmas music”

“Gah. Stop it. Please stop the christmas music.”

I’m not writing this post to bury these folks- but rather to sympathize with them. It is difficult for me to do, because I truly enjoy Christmas Music. I spend months ahead of November searching out any unique recording or one-off single from some recording artist neither me, you, my father, or the other Will have heard of.

And then at some point in November I start listening to these tracks. This can be a painful but occasionally rewarding process because- as has been pointed out- there are a lot of Christmas songs.

But as Shelby points out, there are seemingly about 17 Christmas songs re-recorded (and re-recorded, and re-recorded) by about a hundred acts.

That some Xmas tunes get overplayed is undeniable- but a lot of times there is a reason these songs get repeated so often. Some of them are fine pieces of songwriting, that have just gotten overplayed.

Others are just piles of shit.

How many covers of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” have you heard? I’ve heard exactly two. They both sucked just as much as the original.

But there are some great christmas tunes. Even for the discerning listener!

For the next few days I’m going to spend some time talking about the Christmas music that makes me happy, make me dance, make me laugh, make me sing.

I might touch on the songs that don’t (thanks, Paul McCartney. Fucker. Laugh all the way to the Scrooge McDuck room in your private mountain island) but I’d rather stay upbeat.

So put on your footie pajamas, get a glass of egg nog (or a cuppa coffee, or if you are me a glass of bedside whiskey) and settle down by the yule log.

I’ll be wearing my Santa hat the next few days.

One thought on “Christmas Comes (but once a year)

  1. I am so eager for this series of posts! I’ve been trying to compile a decent list of Christmas songs for at least five years now. My main failing is that I wait until … about nowish, which doesn’t leave me enough time to search or to ask my friends for suggestions. Then Christmas comes and goes and I promise myself I’m really going to get a jump on it next year.

    Because, I mean, I love Christmas music. I just hate all the Christmas songs I hear.

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