Halloween Countdown – October 23

Oh Italy, I just can’t quit your crazy horror.

Director Michele Soavi cut his teeth working for Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava- he certainly had the credentials. The traditions of Italian horror (dream like/nightmarish disconnect, striking visual images, free-floating plots, elaborately stylized murders with copious amounts of intentionally unrealistic blood) pretty much died out in the 80s, but Soavi kept them going through the 90’s with features such as La Chiesa (aka The Church) and Dellamorte, Dellamorete (aka Cemetary Man).

Honestly, the theater as stage-bound (heh) setting for a giallo or even a monster movie is a really good idea. Shockingly, I am hard-pressed to come up with any theater-set ghost movies. Without an audience, a theater is such an eerie, haunted place.

Someone should get on that.

One thought on “Halloween Countdown – October 23

  1. This trailer seems like a meme-mine that time forgot. Epic sax girl! ORLY owlman! A bunch of stuff that could have “Fail” stuck after it! All back in 1987.

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