The Rapture of Daniel Webster


I think it’s been… like almost 3 weeks since I’ve really gotten any work done on the Novel- maybe less, maybe more like 2. Email from a good friend this morning, from the lovely Nova (ha! A superlative!) asking how the writing was going. In part, I responded:

“I know what is GONNA happen, I know what NEEDS to happen, and I’m pretty sure HOW it happens.

So why can’t I just sit down and start writing it? Normally, that is what I do, but this time… 2 weeks, I think, just sort of circling and scowling and kicking the tires, but without ignition-even though (to flog the metaphor) the spark plus are clean, the tank is topped off…

The beast is ready to hit the cracked and battered two-lane blacktop for some hellacious super-king moonshine drift hell-ride straight to the vanishing point…”

The funny thing is that last run-on blurb is EXACTLY the kind of energy I need to dredge up to put into the fricking project. I even went in and tweaked it slightly, adding a few more descriptives…

So why can’t I push through this sludge, this malaise and morass of immobility. It’s intellectual impotence! I KNOW what to do, I know HOW to do it, but I’m unable to…

It’s frustrating, as I imagine any other kind of impotence is. But this is kind of tearing at me. The pressure is increasing, and so is my frustration- the pressure of Not Writing, of Not Creating… and I want to continue with the Novel. I don’t want to take a break with another project right now, whether it’s toying with the script A & I have started playing with, or editing DOGS which so deserves it…

Every morning on the ride to work, on the ride home from work, while I’m working, while I’m working out (5 days a week) at the gym, in the bath with Sammy, in bed waiting for sleep to kick in… I’m thinking about this tale, this epic fucking story of fumbling teenaged sex, devestating magic, high octane violence, and freak-energy comedy. I’ve even started dreaming about it.

FUCKING SHIT I just want to write some of it. Daniel Webster indeed.

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