Halloween Countdown – October 25

Apparently you can go back to the woods again.

On the one hand- “why do we need a remake of The Evil Dead, why would they remake it?” blahblahblah.

We don’t. But they did.

And, actually, it isn’t like it is Evil Dead 2.

Here is the thing; it isn’t like ED is some sort of untouchable top-shelf horror flick. It was a ultra-low budget, extremely gory, tension ratcheter of a splatter-film. It has since been overshadowed by it’s immediate sequel, which balances dark humor with even more gore, and sort of turns into a super-hero origin story to boot.

I like this trailer, for this new Evil Dead – it isn’t supposed to be brilliant, it is the remake of a particularly memorable video nasty. I’m honestly impressed with how gory and nasty the trailer is.

I recently read an interview with the director, who confessed that when he was writing the first draft, he kept out the infamous molesting-tree sequence. He sent an email with the draft to producer (and original ED director Sam Raimi) who responded the next morning with: “Where the fuck is my goddamn rape tree?”

Video nasty indeed.

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