Halloween Countdown- October 27

We’re getting into the final stretch- but that is no reason to cut short our tour of the Great Weird North.

Stephen McHattie has one of the great character actor faces- and voices- I have occasionally referred to him as “The Canadian Lance Henrikson” but that is unfair to McHattie- 7 years younger than Lance, he started working younger. And they both have voices like gravel soaked in whiskey.

Pontypool has been highly, heavily recommended to me by multiple trustworthy sources. The trailer certainly sells it well.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown- October 27

  1. i really did like this one, although i fear b/c so many of us have recommended it, the actual viewing will not live up to our hype.

    and he is SO the canadian lance henriksen! 😉

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