Halloween Countdown – October 30

Guest Post by my wife, Annika!

Will has been almost single-handedly responsible for my horror movie education.

I bet a lot of wives could say the same about their husbands, but I wonder how many of those other wives actually wrote about horror movies professionally for two years? Yeah, I’m bragging. Will loves horror movies so much that I got a job writing about them. (Creature Corner, the site I wrote for, has since been incorporated into its parent site, CHUD.com, and my reviews are lost or at least buried. Let us never speak of it again, as it makes me sad.)

It’s not like I’d never seen a horror movie before I met Will. When I was 12 I watched Silence of the Lambs, and it wasn’t until I met him 7 years later that I was able to articulate why I felt so indifferent toward it: it was a thriller pretending to be a horror movie. When I was 14 I turned off Night of the Living Dead about 20 minutes in because I was scared to pieces. I have still never seen the rest of the movie, but I’ve since seen Dawn of the Dead (both versions) and Land of the Dead. Also Shaun of the Dead.

I was 19 when I met Will, and 21 when he showed me the horror movie that changed everything: The Evil Dead. It scared the bejeezus out of me and I couldn’t wait to watch Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.

Since then I have watched a LOT of horror movies. I wrote a few years ago about catching up on classics I’d never seen—and that was just over one October. This year, Sam (who was an infant when I wrote that post) watched with us, and we caught up on Universal’s monster movies.

But somehow, I have never seen The Exorcist.

The trailer is very dark (literally dark, as in absence of light), and dark=scary is a cliché for a reason. (The reason: dark is SCARY.) It also has a lot of screaming, which threatened to make me take it…less than seriously.

But you know what? It’s pretty fucking scary, or at least makes me think the movie might be. It wisely shows very little of the possessed girl, and focuses on her terrified mother. I seriously know next to nothing about the movie, and the trailer was enough to make me nervous about the outcome of the exorcism. Is it trailer brilliance? No, but it’s above average in my book.

Thanks, Annika! You can check out more of her musings at her blog– and come back tomorrow for the final trailer of the month…

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  1. i would suggest when you DO watch the exorcist, watch the original first, the pov of the mother. the director’s cut is the pov of the priest and much more detached, although creepy in its own story.

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