Halloween Countdown – October 31

A few tips for Trick or Treat safety during the spookiest time of the year…

Trick ‘r Treat is a terrific movie- and I’ve covered it before a few October’s ago- but I really don’t care. This trailer is…

Well, it is Halloween.

The old educational video, the discordant scrape of the bow across violin strings (LOVE, that musical cue), the dried leaves skittering on the breeze, costumes and decorations, you can almost smell the wood-smoke in the air… to the mounting dread that is accelerated when the pirate kid kicks the lit jack ‘o lantern into the water… that fantastic shot of Dylan Baker not really laughing, his shirt soaked with blood… and the cutting back to his All Hallow’s Eve speech on the porch while carving the pumpkin- this is a truly great Halloween trailer.

The movie itself kicks ass too.

I hope you all have a truly great Halloween!

Trick or treat! Giggle & Fright! It’s fun to be scared on Halloween Night!

Or, as Grace, our self-described little monster (“I haff a woofman costume? Awooo! Awooo!”) would sing: “Tick o tweet, jiggle and fight, ayayaya Halloween Night!”

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