On Harrowed Ground

The ennui of a world without Halloween is tough to adjust to. Grace helped with un-decorating the apartment, but Sam preferred to sit and watch the last 30 minutes of Toy Story 3 rather than deal with it not being Halloween.

Grace was fine with it- as I said- until her candy bucket (factory-felted black and orange with an owl on it) and her Snoopy pumpkin car got put into the giant orange bin.

Now both kids were rebelling- how could we expect them to live in a world without Halloween?

Annika talked gently and calmly to them about how Halloween is just the first of many holidays that stud the Autumn-Winter cycle.

Christmas is easy- the kids are constantly reminded of it throughout the year- hell, anytime they see a picture of a snowscape or watch a movie or tv show that has a snowy setting, they will point out that it “is Christmas time!” there.

For years, I have heard my son explain how in The Empire Strikes Back Luke is at Christmas when he fights a monster and gets hurt and then the bad guys come.

Thanksgiving is a bit less represented. Sure, there is the Charlie Brown special- with the popcorn and Peppermint Patty being a horrible entitled ass- but thankfulness for a kid as a special “day”, that is a weird idea to communicate.

We’re lucky, I guess, the kids seem to be pretty thankful about the little joys in life without having to be told they should be. Well, Sam is anyway, Grace still has a hearty dose of toddler solipsism- she really can’t understand why HER schedule isn’t EVERYONE’s schedule much of the time.

Halloween is down- all but the 86 image slideshow/screensaver on my log-in. Thanks is coming soon (no trailers for that), and then Christmas and New Years (“Uncle Shelby and Bri come over and eat” night) and birthdays…

Ah, Christmas.

“Oh! But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!”

Is it any wonder that my favorite Christmas story is the one with ghosts?

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