October 25

Unpopular opinions.

We all have them.

For example, I feel very strongly that Mad Max is a vastly superior movie to The Road Warrior.

I think that the best work of The Rolling Stones is better than the best work of The Beatles (though I think the lesser efforts from the Fab 4 are superior to the lesser tunes from The Stones).

And I’ve never understood why Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining shows up on so many Top Ten Horror Movies of All Time lists.

Well, all that said, that is a pretty fucking great trailer. And it is NOT a bad movie. In fact, it is quite excellent.

But top ten?

My theory is that The Shining and The Exorcist are constants because if you take 100 horror fans and ask them all to list their top ten, you’ve got the Classicist who puts down a bunch of Universal, Hammer and RKO pics- and then lists maybe The Exorcist or The Shining, to show that they don’t just watch oldies.

The 70s grindhouse aficionado will list Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Last House on the Left, maybe an early Argento or Romero, and one of these two…

The Gorehounds will, the monster-lover, the Vampire fetishist, the – and so on.

The Shining has a certain cachet, like The Exorcist in that they were made by name directors, with reputable actors, and have a kind of image as being a respectable horror movie- not cheap trash. This is also probably why The Silence of the Lambs shows up a lot. A terrific movie- yes. A horror movie? Sure, it can horrify. But a top ten horror movie? Brothers and sisters, you aren’t watching a wide enough variety.

Because I would probably have 2 different lists- my 10 favorites, and the 10 most influential/important horror movies- but that last one is me as an armchair historian, an amateur buff.

What about you? What are 10 of your favorites? Or the ones you respect the most (combine!)? Or even the 10 you think are “The Best” objectively, even if you don’t care for them?

One thought on “October 25

  1. Ug… Top ten lists are so much easier when done vocally where it is much harder to be held to the statements. They are also easier before 10 hours of labour has rotted the brain.

    For influential, I would want to look at what was actually seen widely as opposed to done first. Like how the Magnificent Seven influenced so many movie creator who were unaware that it was based on an earlier film (ditto for Star Wars and Hidden Fortress). Did the early film experimenters record any of the Grand Guignol shows? Even if they did, did they survive to influence 70s Grindhouse and horror? Or were the 70s film makers just re-inventing the wheel as it were?

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