October 29

We are zeroing in now.

And this is a scary one.

Sorry about the trailer quality.

It is always unsettling for me to remember that despite his public persona, David Caruso has been a very good actor from time to time. This is one of those times- the fact that he is sharing the screen with Peter Mullan, Paul Gullifoyle, Josh Lucas and Brendan Sexton III…

Session 9, 2001.

Spooky. The flick was shot on location at Danvers Asylum by Brad Anderson, co-written by Anderson and Steven Gevedon (who also co-stars). Session 9 was Anderson’s first horror/thriller, having done 3 comedic or romantic features previously. He has sence go on to make the nightmarish The Machinist, the haunting Transsiberian, apocalyptic Vanishing on 7th Street and serial killer thriller The Call.

Perhaps the sea-change Session 9 offered Anderson did him good?

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