October 31

Happy Halloween, haunters!

We began with a teaser, and we go out the same way…

To be completely honest, I thought James Wan’s 2004 debut, Saw was a turgid piece of shit. A semi-interesting central premise rendered incoherent by bad staging and awful performances.

That said, in 9 years, I can hope that Wan would grow and learn as a director.

All reports say that he has and that 2013’s The Conjuring is a legitimately terrifying movie.

Wan has gathered a terrific cast- Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston (blink and you miss him in the teaser trailer)- but it is Lili Taylor whose presence adds an extra level to the brilliantly edited teaser trailer above.

It is a terrific teaser too- self-contained, doesn’t need to give us anymore plot than the snippet of scenes we get.

The last beat gives me goosebumps. And what better day of the year to celebrate a shiver?

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