Unto the 7th Generation…

This was supposed to be a Wii post.

A Wii? Yes, a Wii. We were Wii’d for Christmas by 2 of our dearest friends. A truly unexpected, and magnificently generous gift- so much so that both The Missus and I have been stunned and haven’t taken it out of it’s box yet. “The White Elephant in the Living Room” my Wife calls it. She capitalizes words, I can hear it. I do too, I wonder if she can hear it when I do?

Anyhow, it’s a wonderful gift (we assume, not having had the courage to try plugging it in yet) and will doubtless provide Sam and us with hours of frustration and sore elbows/wrists…

But the truth is, I can’t quite focus on Wii things, but rather- on January 12th, I will turn 34.

Thirty-Four years old, this coming Monday. Holy Shit, for reals? This Monday?

“My birthday is in a couple weeks, right?” I ask my Wife this morning. She rolls her eyes at me.

“It’s on Monday. Today is the 8th, it’ in Four Days,” she says, capitalizing some words verbally.

I haven’t always been much of a Birthday guy in the past. For years, and I don’t know why, I mostly shunned the attention that Birthday’s bring. Maybe quiet drinks (usually getting rowdy after a few) with friends, maybe a nice dinner. We did a shindig thing for my 30th, and that was nice. Don’t recall doing anything particularly interesting (or not) for my 31st- oh! We went out for Ethiopian food w/ two other couples. 32nd was a big one- we had a bunch of friends over and told them all to bring “exciting” Potato Chips, and beer. A lot of Kettle Chips flavors were sampled and a LOT of really good beer was consumed. (man, Brennan really brought the A-Game in beer selection that year, didn’t he?).

Last year was quiet, just an intimate dinner with the other January Babies- me and Chris and Shelby and Bri (w/ Chris and My own non-Jan wives- and Sam, of course) and that was pretty kickass.

This year, I want to spend my Birthday with ALL of my friends- obviously that isn’t logistically (or financially) possible. A lot of people aren’t local/have lives/don’t like me very much/we can’t afford to host another party.

NEXT year, when I hit that solid in-the-middle 35, NEXT year, there will be a Party of some kind. Mebbe we’ll descend, en masse, upon Ernie’s Taco House again. Or someplace else (is there someplace else?).

34 years old (almost). I have a swell Family. Some really dear friends, Good People. I have a job- bonus- and I even have some time to work on what I want to be doing- which is Writing.

Also, but then, I bet we’ll have hooked up the Wii and leaned how to use them fancy little nunchuks.

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6 thoughts on “Unto the 7th Generation…

  1. Be warned – once you start playing with your Wii, you may well have difficulty stopping, although your aching arms will prevent you carrying on at some point. (I’ll be leaping back on to mine as soon as I’ve finished tonight’s surfing.) I can’t believe I went so long without one! (And you can play with lightsabres!)

    Also, thirty-four? Is that all? Pffft, still so young. 😛

  2. Oh yay! for Wii!!

    I find the pain is mainly thumb related, but that’s because we have been playing Mario Kart non-stop! The Wii Play isn’t nearly as bad, but it’s loads of fun, too. We have already decided that we need to get Wii Fit very, very soon.

    And an early Happy Birthday to you! May many excellent beers, good food and off-beat movies be consumed.

  3. I’m celebrating 35 years on this planet today. I got chocolate chips muffins and an omelet and a Buffy marathon.

    Perhaps next year I will pop up at Ernie’s to help ease you into this 35 thing. I will, of course, sit in the corner and watch. It’s what I do.

    Wait. That didn’t come out right…..

  4. Happy Almost Birthday, Will! I wish I could see you in person on the day and bring you interesting potato chips.

    p.s. Please don’t talk about the Wii in front of Erik. He’s not allowed to have one.

  5. Man, I want a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    Oh yeah- you and your wife now having matching blog award, if you choose to accept them!

    You have been awarded a Lemonade Stand Award From ME!!! Check it out on my blog and pass the award onto others….


    You were chosen because your blog is entertaining and inspiring and I always look forward to reading it!

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