Someday, I Suppose…

I’m feeling this weird almost… lacadaisical warmth today. Could be that this has been a very warm week in SoCal, could be that Novel 2 is plodding steadily along towards completion, could be that my Sister In Law is in town and I like her, and Sam is having a great week (and I am having a great week interacting with him, mostly) and we spent last weekend w/ Miss Twist and Perfect Tommy and will prolly visit Cassandra’s Grove this weekend…

I’m going to have to, I chuckle to myself-this will be odd to explain-, I’m going to have to stop referring to my friends and loved ones by the nicknames I know them by when those nicknames are what I use for fictional characters that resemble them- if I ever get published. I mean, lets face it, if I have a bunch of unpublished novels with characters named Miss Twist, Perfect Tommy, and they visit a place called Cassandra’s Grove… thats all fine and well. But if they see the light of day, I’ll really need to work on keeping the fictional world seperate from the one I walk and talk in… for my own sanity, at least.

Which sort of brings me to todays lollygagging. eew.

Does that mean someone choked on a lollipop? Er, nevermind.

The following websites I share with you, because I love you. Each website sells an item that is used, hinted at, or noticed in one of the Nick Syn stories. Someday I’d like to own some of these things, add them to my own collection. Someday, I suppose.

First off, we have Ghost in a Bottle. Pretty straight forward. I like macabre conversation pieces, and I think this would go great on a bookshelf between the Scottish Rite Encylopedias and the Jambiya my grandfather brought back from Arabia under mysterious circumstances…

Then there is the art of Sarina Brewer. Not only is she herself a stunning creature, but she also manufactures them. From dead bodies. It might be a bit weird, but I admire her work deeply. And since the adventures of Nick Syn very often come across these sorts of things- while living- I don’t see I shouldn’t have one or two pieces on the bookshelf next to the autographed Hans Holzer.

Mike Libby is an amazing artist as well, and if Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t already own a few of his pieces the big lug is missing out. Bugs are kind of mysterious and magical, if you ask me. Clockwork bugs just make them steampunk and awesome. I particularly admire some of the beetles. The arachnids, while more formidable, honestly give me a wiggins.

Finally, one of my favorites, is the mysterious Pyramid Gallery, feature reproductions of Philip LeMarchand’s puzzle boxes… as music boxes. Fucking awesome. Scroll down to see the three versions they currently take orders for- I like the Lament Configuration, for obvious reasons, but I admit that The Hollow Heart, with it’s New York themed glyphs, would be a great “WTF?” gift for my wife someday.

It’s good to have goals, but sometimes it’s important to talk about the daydreams that nightmares give me.

Oh, and I totally want a Khukuri too. To hang under the creepy Masonic swords- hopefully ceremonial- that I discovered in a forgotten attic on the outskirts of Washington D.C…

2 thoughts on “Someday, I Suppose…

  1. Cool links. If I had a ghost in a bottle, I’d name him Oscar.
    Those clockwork bugs are awesome! Too bad I didn’t know about them; I would’ve had a longer Xmas wish list.
    And yes, your wife should definitely get that pyramid. (Those would have been on my wish list, too. Always next year.)

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