Halloween Countdown – October 24

One more week till Halloween!

No corpse can be at peace in this village of the undead!

Hammer’s Plague of the Zombies hit theaters 2 years before Romero’s first Z-flick, so whenever horror-hipsters start screeching about all cinematic zombies being descended from Romero… trot this one out and watch them back-peddle.
(1964’s adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, The Last Man On Earth may or may not have been the first slow-walkin’ undead siege movies).

Yeah, apparently black magic (or witchcraft, or voodoo, or something) is responsible for the undead, but still.

What I love about this trailer is how NOT British it looks. In fact, until 55 seconds in I would be willing to guess that the movie was Italian or Spanish based on the lack of dialogue and the special effects on display.

And remember kids, when you are a clear-headed man of science, candle-stick trumps sacrificial dagger!

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