Halloween Countdown – October 26

“I’ve never sensed anything like it…”

1974 gave us The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
1975 gave us Jaws.

Two of the most influential and pivotal horror films to come out of the 70s- and pave the way for hundreds of imitators.
In 1982, Spielberg produced and Tobe Hooper directed Poltergeist.

Hooper went on to struggle through some heartfelt but imperfect movies (I’m being kind here, Lifeforce, The Mangler) with the occasional creative success (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Toolbox Murders) but without the critical or financial success he seemed primed for following Poltergeist.

That Spielberg guy did okay for himself though. And there have certainly been horror elements in many of his films- though he has never returned full-throttle to the genre that launched his career.

(arguments abound that Jaws is more a “Monster Movie” than a horror film, and while I feel that is valid, I believe that Monster Movies belong under the larger Horror designation)

What a trailer though, eh? It is funny. Creepy. And perfectly timed. A time capsule studio 80s trailer.

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