Residents of Quaint Eventide (2)

There is a general unease in Eventide Village.

Neither Mori brother has spoken to the other in several days.
The skulk of foxes has spoken to Jirou twice.

Alice Jay has spent the last two nights sleeping in the back row of the Village Cinema.
Lillian Thuang is unaware as the theater is closed, waiting for the Halloween special double-feature.
Alice snuck in while Lillian was airing out the lobby after deep-scrubbing the carpet.

Constable Rhonda Weary has released Bud Miller from the cell in the constabulary on Maine Street and instructed him to stay the hell away from Roy Pepper’s hog farm.
Judge Lyndon has instructed Bud Miller to seek out a 12-step group in the town up north.

Bud Miller did go to town- or start to.
He pulled his truck over again into that same copse of trees, and has sat there thinking all through the night.
Why would hearing hoof-falls scare him so deeply, and what was he doing driving to the Pepper spread?
He doesn’t even know Roy except to nod at him.

Ezra Quint has gone to the Judge and told him that things are getting worser.
The striker in the clocktower seems to quiver every night around 1am, like it wants to strike more than just once.
Ezra Quint knows this isn’t rational thinking.
Judge Lyndon believes that the clock is due to overstrike, as it does thirteen times a year.
Only this time he is afraid.

The Groom-to-be moved out of the Bottin bed & breakfast, and into the Golden Anchor motel.
He convinced the bride it was to make their special day more special, but in truth the risk of seeing anything in any semi-reflective surface in the b&b has triggered daily panic attacks.

Nadine Forster, once a biologist, spends her nights at the Golden Anchor as well.
At dawn she limps carefully towards Stinkwood.
She never enters the forest.
She cannot work up the courage.

The Bride-to-be keeps taking long walks down Turkey Neck Road, which is the dividing line from the village proper and the south-tide.
She is fascinated by the scarecrows out on the marsh.
She visited the pier and asked Walt Beckers to rent her a small boat.
He wisely told her they were all in need of repair going into the off-season.

For the last week the Alderpersons have assembled at the gazebo in the village green at dusk.
Boyd Spencer smokes a pipe.
Glenn Roth smokes cigars.
Miri Chaudhri smokes cigarettes.
They smoke and stand, silent, watching first the courthouse, then That place on the hill.
Tuesday night Mister Spencer said: “Something is going to have to be done.”

Mrs. Waverly has been told that a virulent epidemic of strep throat has ravaged the Dolores Squane Home for the Seeing Impaired.
Now mute as well as blind, the inmates are giving the cooking and custodial staff, and Edgar Tran (Mrs. Waverly’s administrative assistant) the heebie-jeebies.
Needless to say, the afflicted aren’t having a good time of it either.

Every night, the clock tower almost strikes thirteen.
Every night, lights can be seen in That place by the elders holding vigil at the foot of the hill.
Every night gets closer.

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