The Midnight Alphabet – B

B is for…

Babalon and Black Cat Bone. For Bagh Nakh and Bloodworm. For Bohemian Grove. For Bewitching. For Beast.

Balthazar and his kind are seldom seen outside of the darkest corners of the deepest forests. Their pelts range from black to grey and most colors in between, with those colors being shades of brown. Balthazar can speak, after a fashion, though whether the rest of his kin share this gift is unknown at this time. The Beast of Gévaudan has been denied by Balthazar as being a relation. Balthazar’s legs bend the wrong way, and though people do often mistake it for wolves; it is not: wolves do no have horns.

B is for Batsto. A river called Batsto runs through the south-central Pine Barrens of New Jersey. A village called Batsto is on the banks of that river. An iron-works made use of the rich bog ore deposits during the Revolutionary War. A peculiar blue-green glass was blown in Batsto by an artisan during the mid 1800s. By the late 1980s Batsto was a ghost town. During the early 1990s Batsto was restored as a historic site. The last known pieces of Batsto glass are in private collections.

Bog Hags are actually sexless, in that they have no genitalia. Most Bog Hags possess long stringy hair and narrow faces, and so they are viewed as feminine- hence the “hag” appellation. The ankle-length funerary shrouds, dress-like in some lights, probably add to this misunderstanding. But make no mistake, Bog Hags are without sex. It is not known how Bog Hags reproduce or are created, only that they want to eat you.

Black Dogs have been chronicled as either symbols of protection or portents of doom since 856 AD in the Annales Franoram. Appearing throughout human history every since, including the infamous attack on a church in Bongay England in1577. In more recent visitations, these abnormally large and muscular beasts that tend to appear on dark and lonely roads late at night have been known to protect or herald young children and pregnant women away from danger. One can only assume their troubled history may reflect the state of the world… any conjecture that Balthazar’s kind are related to or in league with the Black Dogs is pure speculation.

Then there is Belasco. About him, the less said the Better.

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