Has it Been So Long, Oh Lord?

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m branching out and returning to the world of performing for a one-shot event. Granted, I’ll be playing myself (or at least a version thereof) but then, that is what I’ve always kind of done…

What AM I blathering on about? I’ve been chosen by the obviously pretty out-there BeTheBoy and Slackmistress to be the guest co-host for this week’s episode of their web talk series, BeTheMarriage.

Anyhow, the why and how is a long and complicated story involving less larceny and threats than you’d expect from me- but the long point is thusly: I’m going to be “on” for approximately an hour + on Saturday the 11th from like 8pm (PST) till we go dark.

And I honestly don’t remember the last time I performed. You’d think, living in LA, that some friend or enemy would have cajoled me into popping up in their short film or take a part in a reading- but no, no, nothing of that sort.

On the one hand: WTF, friends and enemies, have you heard my voice? Haven’t you-

Ahem. Excuse me. Deep breathing.

Look, the utter lack of taste and/or the absolute Envy and Fear that I invoke in my so-called “friends” and “enemies” is besides the point here.

The point is: for a guy who used to perform constantly, it’s sort of a weird realization that it’s something I haven’t done for over ten years. Ten years? That is like, a long time.

A long time.

Huh. Jesus. I’d better, uh, I’d better- wow, is that sweat on my palms? I’d better call Nina and see if there is a script or something I- whoops! I just, heh, I just knocked that over, whatever it … I gotta, I gotta go and… I dunno, I gotta prepare or something… I mean, I got, I got… people watch this thing? Jesus…

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One thought on “Has it Been So Long, Oh Lord?

  1. I have a special edition DVD of The Lost Boys with what sounds an awful lot like a performance from you on disc 2. So it’s only been, um, seven years.

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