October 16 – Halloween Countdown

I love October. I love Halloween- and October is a month of Halloween, or pre-Halloween. It is the Season of the Reason, if the reason is pleasin’ with spooky shit. I dig the spooky shit.

My wife, who I love very much, and I got married on this day eleven years ago.
Eleven fucking years. Goddamn.

That means? That means we’ve been together for about… eighteen? No, that can’t be right. I love getting old with you, Annika. And I love celebrating Halloween all month long with you and our kids.

We’ve watched a LOT of Scooby-Doo with Sam and Grace, and this year they are both on board with the joy of the Universal Monsters (at least when teamed up against Abbot & Costello).

Maybe next year we’ll show them one of OUR first horror movies…

Happy Anniversary!

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