October 22 – Halloween Countdown

Ah, to be in love and in Paris.

And, you know, maybe a cannibal?

Or Vincent Gallo. *shudder*

Claire Denis is not an easy filmmaker to love- I mean, for one thing she is French (which is an old and unfunny joke, I do not hate the French any more than anyone else). Her movies are very, very European- or at least non-American. And in that, they are seldom easily digested. It is easier to love entertainment that is easy to digest, I find, than something that sits a long while. But I enjoyed Chocolat (the 1988 movie about French Colonialism in Africa, not the crazy-ass 2008 Thai martial arts film about the Autistic girl) and I really liked Beau Travail. Her time working with Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch shows in her use of actors- she is a really inventive director. And I adore her insistence on using location over studio, eschewing what she feels is the artifice of the set.

So why do I balk at her doing an erotic horror movie? Albeit an Existentialist horror movie? Maybe I am just leery of “erotic horror” after sitting numbly through too many Jess Franco movies in my youth.

This is an interesting trailer, a lot of good imagery, strong visuals and moments that make me go: “I wonder what that is about!” which is kind of the point of trailers.
But it doesn’t give me any zing, and zip, it doesn’t keep me enthralled or make me seek out more.

Maybe it is just Vincent Gallo.

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