October 18 – Halloween Countdown

“Your face will be on a poster! The poster on a wall – the wall in a lobby – the lobby in a movie theater, the theater with a marquee-” it is like Goodnight Room affirmations for a special kind of actor.

Not just any actor. No. Not any actor- not the ones who want to help make magic. Not the actor who does it for the art, or for the joy- but the actors who deeply desire- no, who know it is their destiny… to be a star.

For those actors with Starry Eyes

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. A psychological horror film that morphs into body horror with hearty helpings of cult fear, satanic panic, and steadily mounting dread… it was partially funded by a Kickstarter, so that apparently can really happen for movies that deserve it, as well as Zach Braff. (sorry/not sorry)

I try not to gush about the movies, we are here to look at the trailers aren’t we?

Very well then- I LOVE THIS TRAILER.

It starts off so chipper! So Sundance, “a day in the life of a struggling actor”! And then.

And then. INTENSITY. Be careful what you wish for, you might not get it. And if you do? What then?

Great trailer, spooky, atmospheric, haunting, jarring. Good stuff.

Great movie! Currently streaming on Netflix- check it out, seriously. Alex Essoe is simply amazing in the lead role- just wonderful. Terrific supporting perfs (Maria Olsen! Pat Healy! Noah Segan! Fabianne Therese!) and a generally excellent combination of production design, sound and visual effects are top-notch.

So you want to be a star, hmm? How badly? Starry Eyes

One thought on “October 18 – Halloween Countdown

  1. Why do 80s music and fonts make horror so much more palatable?

    Still haven’t seen this, but that’s gonna change after this trailer!

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