October 24 – Halloween Countdown

2 months to Christmas.

Which is a little scary.

Not Christmas itself, but that Halloween is almost come and gone!

Weeelllll, maybe Xmas can be a little scary itself.

It is easy to forget sometimes that Adam Scott cut his teeth not in brilliant TV comedy like Party Down and Parks & Recreation, but in Hellraiser: Bloodline (aka Pinhead in space- it is actually much better than it sounds). Anyway, he is great. Toni Collette is a goddamn national treasure (to whatever nation she is in at the time), and David Koechner – well, he’s like Rob Riggle for me. They excel at playing variations on a character that is a magnified over-the-top version of themselves (maybe), it depends on the execution.

And Krampus looks to be all about the execution. Moo-hoo ha ha!

Written and Directed by Michael Dougherty, of perennial favorite Trick ‘r Treat, with a sensibility possibly borrowed from Joe Dante- Krampus looks great.

“It’s Christmas. Nothing bad is gonna happen on Christmas!”

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