October 23 – Halloween Countdown

I sort of wish this trailer opened with: “Let’s go do some crime!”

Ah, New Zealand. Must be something in the water, because they do make the most entertaining horror-comedies.

Housebound is spooky, silly, and by the finale pure slapstick. A terrific cast, great lead character, and set pieces both hilarious and horrifying (leaning more towards the former than the latter).

I can strongly recommend Housebound to my widest audience, so that includes my wife and sister-in-law.

But the trailer! It is silly, focuses on the absurdly inept crime, and then BAM, house arrest, at mum’s (that must be awful, especially for our lead- you know she doesn’t want to go home because she wears lots of black eyeliner), which might be… haunted? Hijinks.

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