October 27 – Halloween Countdown

What is up, Hellions?

Smokin’ a little weed, a little teen-sex. It is Halloween! Uh-oh. Unwanted complications.

When “legit” press savage a horror movie and fringe genre publications love it, it is usually a sign of one of two things:

1. The movie is pretty good, but is for genre fans

2. The genre publications like the filmmakers and give them good press even if the movie is shit.

Can’t tell with Hellions– not even from a not-great trailer. I want to give the benefit of the doubt, always.

Anyway, it gets points for being set on Halloween (even if it loses some for having a burlap sack kid monster, ala Trick ‘r Treat. Some of the imagery is fantastic, even if some of the effects look a little chinzy. I would totally Netflix and Chill with this movie.

I’m 40- what the hell does that mean anyway? :p

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