October 26 – Halloween Countdown

Someday there will be a moratorium on killer clowns. Pennywise scoffs at you inferior imitators, Twisty and company. But also- guys, aren’t we vilifying men and women who just want to entertain? Innocent Clowns could be harmed by the violent backlash to movies like this! Then they cry a single greasepaint tear on the side of the road…

Is there anything less scary than watching someone frantically try to use a remote control?

I guess clowns can be creepy, or so pop-culture keeps telling me. The time does come when we sigh and say: “Another killer clown?”. Also if someone put a giant fucking VHS tape in one of my kid’s candy bags, they’d be like: “What the hell is this? Dad, this creep just gave us a movie!” and there’d be no mystery.

And then she lets the kids WATCH IT? Geez, lady.

Not my cuppa tea, though the trailer is pretty well put-together, the inter-cutting of the horror imagery with the mom watching the tape is smart- and hey, points for being set on Halloween night!

One thought on “October 26 – Halloween Countdown

  1. Dammit Clown, no one thought you were funny so now you’re trying to be all creepy? Must be puberty. He’ll probably turn into a party animal next year, then get all religious when he’s older..

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