October 28 – Halloween Countdown

When invited to a Halloween Party, always make sure to…

Not go to a douchey one.

Night of the Demons was originally a semi-memorable 1988 supernatural horror movie (set on Halloween), directed by Kevin S. Witchboard Tenney. The movie stars Linnea Quigley, Mimi Kinkade (who quit acting and became a pet psychic- no joke) and Cathy Podewell (Cally from various incarnations of Dallas). The plot had a seance gone wrong, demonic possession,

The 2010 remake is directed by Adam Gierasch, a very cool dude, and co-written by Jace Anderson, a truly amazing lady. It stars Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena and Edward Furlong. It shares a basic plot, loses the seance and adds a weird book (or something), is relocated from South Central LA to New Orleans, and has a much larger cast of extras for the party sequence.

Both movies have Demons that need to be kept at bay until sunrise, otherwise blah blah portents, doom blah.

But quote of the trailer, “Its not a closet its a fuckin’ pantry!” wins serious points for Edward Furlong.

Sorry about the quality of the trailer. But hey, it is a Halloween party that the demons are crashin’, so…

“No costume, no candy motherfuckers!” Great soundtrack- 45 Grave, Ghastly Ones, Concrete Blonde, The Swingin’ Neckbreakers, Type O Negative, Haunted Garage, Wednesday 13. Fun stuff.

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