October 31 – Halloween!

A month of horror trailers have come and gone. Some good, some bad, some indifferent.

We’ve seen She-Wolfs (or have we?) and murderous house guests, housebound delinquents, and drunk Aussie zombie killers…
We’ve visited with creepy (ish) clowns, sexy foreigners, spooky barns, and girls with stars in their eyes…
I took on Ryan Murphy, and emerged a stronger man (no I didn’t), just for you!
Millicent Patrick, Kevin Durand, Martin Landau, and others have crossed our screens…

All leading to This. The high holy day of October, the culmination of creep, the touchdown of terror!

In the past on this date, I’ve run trailers from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films in 2010- because they are my favorites, for reasons I cannot articulate…

In 2011 we watched the trailer for Romero’s Dawn of the Dead because it is a classic for a reason…

2012 marked Mike Doughtery’s Trick ‘R Treat because it is a tonal masterpiece on the spirit of Halloween…

In 2013 I ran the theatrical teaser for The Conjuring because, regardless of the quality of the movie itself, the teaser is a masterpiece in mounting sustained dread and anticipation.

Last year it was The Houses October Built, an unwieldy title for a not-very-good found footage movie that had a terrific premise, and little else (but a fine trailer).

And now, in this year of 2015, I give you something else entirely:

Pre-Vikings Katheryn Winnick, the hard-working Amanda Plummer, and a guy in a cheap-o “devil” mask.

Havoc is set loose on Halloween by a little kid’s misassumption, and he becomes… Satan’s Little Helper!

I might not have saved the best for last, but c’mon. Tell me that doesn’t look like a hoot ‘n a holler. Even if it is shot on video.

Remember, that crappy costume might hide… a terrifying slapstick serial killer! And his diminutive sidekick! Boogie-boogie!

Had I known this movie existed in 2004, I assure you I would have seen it.

Because isn’t Halloween really for the Children? And their deadly friends?


See you next year, fiendish friends.

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