October 30 – Halloween Countdown

It is almost time…

Anthology horror is hit & miss (see the VHS series- or rather, don’t bother except with the Gareth Evans contribution), but the line-up of directors here has me pleasantly optimistic:

Neil Marshall, director of The Descent and Dog Soldiers

Lucky McKee director of May (great), The Woods (almost great) and The Woman (not for everyone)

Mike Mendez director of The Convent (which I love) and Gravedancers (which I like)

Dave Parker director of Dead Hate the Living (Annika is still mad at me for giving away our dvd of this fun one)

Adam Gierasch & Jace Anderson- great people, and also the filmmakers behind Fractured (creepy as hell, very effective) and The Night of the Demons remake (gory campy fun) as well as the writers on a toolbox’s worth of solid horror.

Axelle Carolyn, director/writer of the very atmospheric haunter Soulmate

Darren Lynn Bousman director of II thru IV in the Saw franchise, but apparently more interested in making whacked out goth-opera comic-book horror movies like Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival

Andrew Kasch who directed the terrific documentary Never Sleep Again about the Elm Street films

Paul Solet, writer/director of the indie Grace, which examines the concept of a “mother’s sacrifice” through a literally vampiric infant…

That is a fun line-up! A lot of horror pedigree, and even if some of the segments are more miss than hit, a couple are guaranteed to be a hoot- law of averages!

Having the entire movie set (interwoven) in the same town, with the same radio DJ’s show threading the episodes together (shades of Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, only here the DJ is Adrienne Barbeau, not Tom Waits) and a terrific cast of horror ringers, including Lynn Shaye, Barbara Crampton, Cerina Vincent, Sam Witwer and two of my absolute favorites of the current crop of actresses that can be called scream queens: Alex Essoe (from the excellent Starry Eyes) and Pollyanna McIntosh.

I can’t wait for this to hit Netflix or Amazon Prime!
Hell, we could buy the HD stream from Amazon for 8 bucks and watch it after the kids go to sleep!
(someone loan me 8 bucks?)

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